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DRAVA LIFE project presented on an expert conference in Čakovec

Čakovec – Expert conference on “Birdwatching Tourism in Continental Croatia and its Development Opportunities” was held from 31st January to 1st February 2019 in Čakovec. The event was organized by the Public Institution Međimurska priroda and supported by several tourism and nature protection institutions. The goal of the conference was to bring together all relevant […]

WWF Adria and BIOM mark the end of the Year of the Tern

Zagreb – The two non-governmental organizations WWF Adria and BIOM within the 2018 Year of the Tern and within the framework of their separate EU projects have carried out a number of activities focused on education and protection of the tern populations and their habitats in Croatia. At the beginning of 2018 BIOM set up […]

Third and last workshop for elaboration of a Drava Visitor Guidance Plan

Križovec – Public Institution Međimurska priroda hosted a stakeholder workshop for elaboration of a Drava Visitor Guidance Plan for Croatia, the last in a series of three such workshops, in their Visitor center in Križovec. Representatives of four counties` nature protection institutions, NGOs and regional as well as local development agencies sat together with the organizing […]

Workshop and presentation of habitat management plan in municipality of Cestica and city of Varaždin

Varaždin – Workshop which presented the DRAVA LIFE project and habitat management plan for the municipality of Cestica and city of Varaždin was held on Wednesday, 07th November 2018,  in the Great hall of Varaždin County. The aim of the workshop was to present the completed and upcoming project activities to the general public and to gather […]

#ProtectRiverBirds campaign raised the awareness on the importance of protecting river birds and their habitats

Zagreb – NGO’s WWF Adria and BIOM have successfully completed the campaign called #ProtectRiverBirds, with the aim to raise public awareness on the importance of protecting river birds and their habitats to conserve the biodiversity of freshwater ecosystems. The campaign was carried out over a period of 3 weeks and conducted through social media channels […]

Drava LIFE project partners marked the International Drava River Day

Varaždin, Osijek – A multi-day celebration of the International Drava River Day started on 20th September 2018 with a panel discussion “Projects and Challenges of River Protection and Sustainable Development along the Drava River” which was organized by the Public institution for management of protected natural values in Osječko-baranjska County, the Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and […]

Drava LIFE project – an example of best practice for students

Osijek, Croatia – During 14 and 15th of September, the 6th module of education entitled “Sustainable Community Development and Global Education” was held under the Civic Education and Training (“Osijek to GOO”) project. The objective of the module is to familiarize students with topics of sustainable development, environmental protection and the sustainable use of natural […]

DRAVA LIFE project presented at the LIFE Platform in Austria

Bad Mitterndorf, Austria – DRAVA LIFE project was presented at the 20th LIFE Platform Meeting organized by the Austrian Forestry and supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism. At the event, 11 on-going or finalized LIFE and IP LIFE projects from Austria and partially from Germany, or with an Austrian involvement, as […]