Educational workshop about the protection of the little tern

An educational workshop took place in Koprivnica on July 19, 2023, focusing on raising awareness about the sensitivity of terns, little terns, and other gravel bar breeders during the crucial period of the breeding season. The workshop was hosted by the courtesy of the Public institution for the management of protected natural values in Koprivnica-Križevci County and aimed to educate regular visitors of the Drava River, including organizations leading rafting tours and anglers, about the significance of preserving the habitats of these endangered and threatened species.

The workshop emphasized the need to avoid using gravel bars from April to July, a period identified as the most sensitive for these bird species. Attendees were educated on responsible practices to minimize disturbance during the critical breeding season and reminded of the importance of staying in groups, and not walking around on the gravel bar if visiting it at all since their nests and eggs are very similar to gravel and almost impossible to notice.

To give the broader context to nature conservation of the area, Mrs. Željka Kolar, Director of the mentioned Public Institution, also presented on the significance of protecting the Drava River as well as providing an overview of protected areas and protected species that can be found within the County.

This collaborative initiative aligns with the goals of the Drava LIFE project while emphasizing the importance of respecting nature. The whole approach goes very well with a strategic approach towards sustainable management of the five-country UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Mura-Drava-Danube.

These educational workshops serve as vital tools in fostering a shared responsibility for protecting the Drava River’s unique ecosystems and ensuring its diverse wildlife’s continued well-being.