Novo Virje – Workshop about little tern and sand martin were held on 2nd of May at the Crncec Elementary School within DRAVA LIFE project. Branka Španiček from WWF Adria held a presentation about numerous species whose habitat is river Drava. Curious students followed the presentation with special attention and they wanted to know more about little tern and sand martin, why they are important for the river Drava, and why it is necessary to protect them.

After the short presentation students had a chance to learn more about different animals through the workshops where they coloured little tern and sand martin stencils, made posters about the importance of their protection, and with the help of Španiček they also made origami of little tern. Following traces of various animals set up around the school, students learned how traces of deer, wild boar, fox and frog look. The next field trip to the Drava will certainly be more interesting for them when they learned more about ambassadors of Drava.