Prijatelj čigri


Dear lovers of nature and the Drava River,

Ambassador of the Drava, the little tern, needs your help to make her stay at the bars of our river comfortable and, above all, safe. Each year in the spring little terns return from Africa, where they spend their winter, and then stay, during spring and summer on isolated gravel and sand bars where they bring young one into the world, ensuring the survival of their species.

All this has changed over the last few decades, mostly because of human activities on the rivers that decimated suitable nesting spots. Today only four pairs of little terns are present on the Mura and Drava in Croatia and Hungary. Construction of hydropower plants, river regulation, and sediment extraction are just some of the reasons that have led to a loss of gravel and sand bars, which are the main habitat of the Drava’s ambassador.

Small sections of the Drava River which still preserve some breeding places on rare gravel and sand bars are home to little terns. In shallow water zones, bays and oxbows little terns can find enough fish to feed themselves and their little ones.

To help them please do not step on the gravel and sand bars particularly during the birds’ breeding season between Mid-April and the end of July! This will help increase the population and make sure little terns become again frequent neighbours on the Drava River!