Knjiga "Drava jučer, danas, sutra"

Presentation of the book and the video about Drava

As part of the celebration of the Day of the Municipality of Đelekovec, a presentation was held for the book and video by Goran Šafarek, created within the DRAVA LIFE project.

After Đelekovec was declared the First Sand Martin Village earlier in the day, the presentation of the book “Drava Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” was held in the afternoon at the Đelekovec Fire Station. For the first time, the video “DRAVA LIFE – New Life for the Drava,” which showcases the activities of the long-term unique project to revitalize the Drava River, was screened.

Thank you to all the residents of Đelekovec and the surrounding area who attended. Special thanks for the interesting discussion and emotional impressions of what the Drava means to you and life by the river, with all its beauties as well as the threats that come with living by the river.

10.6.2024. Đelekovec, @Marko Horvat

Photos Marko Horvat