Drava Life studijsko putovanje
Drava Life study visit/Drava Life studijsko putovanje

Drava Life steering commitee meeting and study visit to LIFE project in Slovenia

Varaždin, Croatia – The two-day meeting of working groups and steering commitee of the LIFE Drava project in Croatia took place on September 12nd and 13th at the meeting venue of Hrvatske vode in Varaždin. The lead partner of the project Hrvatske vode VGO Varaždin, Drava Life coordinators Association for Nature Protection and Environment Zeleni Osijek, representatives of Revital and WWF Austria and representatives of WWF Adria all attended the meeting and discussed examples of good practice in river restoration and presented the preliminary drafts for restoration of all seven planned locations and their conceptual solutions.

On the second day of the meeting, a study trip to the neighboring LIFE project in Slovenia was organized.  DOPPS representatives and Damijan Denac, director of DOPPS and LIVE Drava project in Slovenia welcomed the DRAVA LIFE partners from Croatia. The field group visited the river side branches at the locations of Mali vasi and Markovci near Ptuj where river revitalization works were already done. This visit carried forward the positive practice and mutual cooperation between representatives of similar EU projects.