Zeleni Osijek, prezentacija Drava LIFE projekta

Drava LIFE project – an example of best practice for students

Osijek, Croatia – During 14 and 15th of September, the 6th module of education entitled “Sustainable Community Development and Global Education” was held under the Civic Education and Training (“Osijek to GOO”) project. The objective of the module is to familiarize students with topics of sustainable development, environmental protection and the sustainable use of natural resources. All those activities are also implemented through the Drava LIFE project.

Ivan Damjanović from the Association for Nature and Environment Protection Green Osijek, one of the partners in the Drava LIFE project, presented the project as a good example of best practice and a representative case of international cooperation in environmental protection, sustainable use of natural resources and coexistence of humans and nature.

Primary school teachers participating in the project received more detailed information on the topics of protection of river and river ecosystems, revitalization of river habitats and the need to protect rivers and endangered plant and animal species. The gained knowledge will be further shared by teachers to their pupils, and therefore they will transfer knowledge and examples of good practice to younger generations.