Workshop for elaboration of a Drava Visitor Guidance Plan for Croatia/Radionica za izradu Plana upravljanja posjetiteljima rijeke Drave u Hrvatskoj

Third and last workshop for elaboration of a Drava Visitor Guidance Plan

Križovec – Public Institution Međimurska priroda hosted a stakeholder workshop for elaboration of a Drava Visitor Guidance Plan for Croatia, the last in a series of three such workshops, in their Visitor center in Križovec. Representatives of four counties` nature protection institutions, NGOs and regional as well as local development agencies sat together with the organizing DRAVA LIFE project team to review the most recent results of the Visitor Guidance Plan and finalize its measures. Zonation of the Croatian Drava protected areas into ecologically sensitive and low touristic as well as highly touristic areas has been reviewed by representatives of each county for their own region with the aim to minimize negative effects on nature by tourism. A set of basic visitor guidance principles for potential visitor categories of the Croatian Drava area have been jointly defined with the aim to offer a basic set of rules for future tourism-oriented measures and touristic developments. The first snow did not hold back the participants from taking part in the short walk to the Mura guided by team members of the Međimurska priroda Public Institution.

Results of the workshop will be processed over the coming month and the completed Visitor Guidance Plan is aimed to be shared with all state and county agencies required to elaborate a regional development or visitor guidance plan.

Radionica predstavljanja projekta i planova obnove staništa/Drava LIFE workshop and presentation of habitat management plan

Workshop and presentation of habitat management plan in municipality of Cestica and city of Varaždin

Varaždin – Workshop which presented the DRAVA LIFE project and habitat management plan for the municipality of Cestica and city of Varaždin was held on Wednesday, 07th November 2018,  in the Great hall of Varaždin County. The aim of the workshop was to present the completed and upcoming project activities to the general public and to gather the open suggestions from residents and stakeholders of the municipality of Cestica and Varaždin.

More than 50 participants and representatives of local communities, NGO’s, civil initiatives, representatives of public and business sector attended the workshop organized by NGO Green Osijek and Public institution for management of protected natural values in Varaždin county. Deputy of Varaždin County Tomislav Paljak gave an opening speech at the beginning of the workshop and Jelena Pavlekovic from Public institution for management of protected natural values in Varaždin county thanked everyone for coming.

Project partners Jasmin Sadiković from NGO Green Osijek, Zdenko Kereša and Emil Flajšman representing Croatian Waters, Sanja Kopljar from Public institution for management of protected natural values in Varaždin county and Branka Španiček from WWF Adria presented their project activities, present results and upcoming goals within the Drava LIFE project. Particular emphasis was placed on the reconstruction of the habitat on the Drava River on locations C.1. Otok Virje and C.2. Varaždin, which was presented in detail by the lead partner and project manager Zdenko Kereša from Croatian Waters. Sociologist Dražen Šimleša presented the results of the conducted research gathered from the key stakeholders of the Drava LIFE project, which are largely positive and support the conservation work on the Drava river. The official program finished with a small catering and informal gathering.

Međunarodni dan rijeke Drave/International Drava River Day

Drava LIFE project partners marked the International Drava River Day

Varaždin, Osijek – A multi-day celebration of the International Drava River Day started on 20th September 2018 with a panel discussion “Projects and Challenges of River Protection and Sustainable Development along the Drava River” which was organized by the Public institution for management of protected natural values in Osječko-baranjska County, the Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja, the Osječko-baranjska County, the Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek, NGO Green Osijek, the city of Osijek, the Tourist board of Osječko-baranjska county and the Tourist board of the city of Osijek. Drava LIFE project together with several other EU projects along the Drava river was presented at the event. The participants also discussed the model for sustainable development and tourism along this river.

The celebration was accompanied by the art workshop for children, a photo exhibition “Living alongside Drava river” and a boat race that started from Vodenica. Students from “Franjo Kuhača” music school held a small concert at the amphitheater on the left bank of the Drava river and the overall program was completed with the music set of DJ Omer. The last day of the International Drava River Day celebration a tourist sightseeing on bicycles was organized and kayakers and rafters paddled downstream the Drava river.

The International Drava River Day was celebrated also in Varaždin on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018. The celebration was organized by the city of Varaždin, the University “Sjever”, the Varaždin City Museum and the Croatian Waters – the leading partner of the Drava LIFE project. In the Herzer Palace’s multimedia hall participants discussed the value of the Drava river as an irreplaceable source of potable and quality water and as an extremely important natural resource for the livelihood. Zdenko Kereša, project manager from Croatian Waters talked about the present and upcoming activities within the Drava LIFE – integrated river management project. The International Drava River Day was concluded by the opening of the photo exhibition “Tragovi Nanosa” by Zdenko Kereša.


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